Our Coffee

Our coffees are the result of many years of sourcing the finest beans from around the world, followed by constantly roasting, tasting and developing blends for all tastes and palates. As a company, we are dedicated to responsible buying and ensure that 100% of our beans are ethically sourced. Even if they do not carry the Fairtrade logo, you can be assured that we have followed fair and ethical practices when sourcing our products.

Below are some of the beans that we supply:

A traditional espresso. A blend of Arabica and Robusta quality beans – nutty and hazelnut body from the Arabica, complimented with acidity from the Robusta.
Rich toffee sweetness


Rainforest Alliance
100% Rainforest Alliance, 100 % Arabica coffee. A medium dark roast, with initial cocoa flavour and a lingering finish.
Sweet cocoa, lemon overtones


A true Italian style, blended from Costa Rica and Brazil. Combined with some Indian washed Robusta, this blend has bite and acidity.
Strong, dark and rich



Premier Fairtrade
Brazilian Arabica provides milk chocolate sweetness with a hint of mellow acidirt, giving an all-round balance and a clean finish.
Syrupy, nutty caramel



A pure Bourbon coffee from Central and South America with 100% Arabica beans. A great tasting coffee across the board.
Full bodied, creamy



FCM_RGB_NEGFairtrade Rich Roast
The same beans as our Royale, but also supporting the Fairtrade co-operatives through the purchasing process.


Decaf Espresso
100% Arabica which retains all the characteristics and flavour of an Arabica coffee with none of the caffeine. Pre-ground for ease of use.