We supply many catering establishments across the country and have fantastic filter coffees that are specifically blended to work with different water types, so whether you’re in an area with hard water, soft water or something in between, we have a blend to suit you.

Below are the details of some of the blends we offer:

Cafe Select
100 % Arabica coffee from Colombia. A medium bodied coffee, with a clean mouth feel and slightly sweet.
Boxed 60 x 60 gm with filters

FCM_RGB_NEGCafe Gourmet
Arabica and Robusta beans combine to give a rich toffee sweetness with hints of cocoa. A smooth, balanced filter blend.
Boxed 50 x 80gm with filters

A full bodied coffee. Bold and juicy with fresh acidity. Two strengths to choose from.
Boxed 60 x 60 gm with filters
Boxed 60 x 50 gm with filters


A medium bodied filter coffee, comprising of a complex blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees. Nutty, and very palatable.
Boxed 60 x 60 gm with filters

FCM_RGB_NEGFairtrade Colombian Coffee
Full bodied coffee for delicious all day drinking.
Boxed 50 x 50 gm with filters