We supply a vast range of products that take care of all your coffee needs, from the beans to the cup it is served in. Whether you are start up coffee shop, a garden centre looking to increase revenue or a workplace with lots of thirsty employees, we can supply everything you need to start serving exceptional drinks.

coffee-being-roastedOur beverage products:
Coffee beans | Filter coffee | Tea | Spiced chai | Smoothies | Syrups | Hot chocolate


expression-green-1-small-webOur machines, for purchase or lease:
Bean to cup | Traditional espresso | Filter coffee | Instant hot drinks | Hot chocolate | On demand and dose grinders


Our accessories:
Tampers and tamping mats | Shakers | Knock boxes | Milk jugs | Scoops | Stencils | Thermometers | Scales | Shot pots | Timers


C0XX - Ripple cups 2 v2Our sundry supplies:
China cups and mugs | Latte glasses | Disposable cups, spoons and wooden stirrers | Milk | Sugar | Biscuits



Our commitment to you:
Servicing and rapid breakdown repair | Full training | Full support


If you would like any further information on any of our products, or just to talk through the best options for your business or workplace, please call us on 01235 820656.