We supply a wide range of traditional espresso machines to suit all types and size of business, from artisan coffee shops, busy cafes, restaurants, pubs, garden centres – anywhere where you need to produce quality coffee from start to finish.

We recommend Iberital and La Spaziale espresso machines as they are extremely reliable, easy to use and come in a range of models (one, two and three group). They are beautifully designed, but with function always coming first, and time after time they produce a first class coffee.

Our Iberital range has 3 models to choose from, depending on your needs and budget. Each of these machines is also available as an Alto (tall) model. This has exactly the same features as the regular Expression machine, but is built to accommodate taller take-away cups. This means you can explore a new revenue stream by producing Barista-style coffee to take away.


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  • Double boiler system allows the machine to generate steam whilst simultaneously maintaining optimal parameters for the extraction process
  • Sophisticated temperature control system
  • A highly professional machine for the true Barista.

Download the specification sheet.

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  • Built to satisfy the most demanding tastes
  • Designed to withstand intensive use, it is as robust and precise as it is sophisticated and versatile
  • Single touch, portion-controlled dispensing

Download the specification sheet.


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  • Make the perfect coffee in a limited space with this compact, smart design
  • Available in standard or tall cup heights, for sit-in and takeaway options
  • Ideal for a smaller cafe, pub or restaurant

Download the specification sheet.

The La Spaziale range uses their 65 years of expertise to create high quality, handmade machines, with cutting-edge technology. There are machines to suit every market and we can supply them all, from entry-level machines through to the top of the range. They are also available in standard height and tall cup heights, to give you greater range of beverages to offer your customers. The unique heat exchange system, between coffee delivery group and boiler, uses steam circulation instead of water – watch the video below to find out more.

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  • Reliable, consistent temperature
  • Unique cleaning system and limescale reduction
  • Range of sizes, styles and colours



To see the full range of La Spaziale coffee machines download the brochure or click here to visit their website.