An excellent cup of coffee starts with the roasted beans being ground – it is vital to get this first stage of the process correct. You need consistency to create a quality flavour extraction, cup after cup, and this is where the right grinder will become your best friend. Spend as much money as you can afford on a grinder, and it will earn you a greater profit as customers come back time again for that perfect cup of coffee.

Doser grinder Vs On Demand grinders

The doser grinder is the most popular type of grinder. It offers a consistent measurement every time, with a single pull or a double pull. Never overfill your dosing chamber though as coffee will loose its freshness quickly.

On demand  grinders are preferred by the more experienced barista. This is because they offer complete freshness in the cup, as they dose directly into the group handle.

Below you will find some of our most popular grinders, both dose and on demand. We can also supply other machines from the Macap range, in various colours – click here to view their brochure, or call us to discuss your needs.

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Macap MXAT

An doser grinder, ideal for the smaller coffee shop or business. Combines great value with exceptional performance.

  • 1kg hopper capacity
  • 500g dosing capacity, adjustable by 5-9g



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Macap MXD Xtreme

On Demand grinder with exceptional build quality and consistent output. Available different colours including red and black.

  • 1.4kg hopper capacity
  • Grind speed of 4g per second



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Anfim Super Caimano

One of the most powerful and robust On Demand grinders, this machine is perfect for a professional, commercial setting.

  • 2kg hopper capacity
  • Single, double and manual dose options

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