We have over 25 years experience in the coffee business, proudly serving Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties. We supply all types of customers; from cafes and restaurants, garden centres and hotels, schools, universities and caterers (we have even supplied the officers’ mess of a Battleship!). In short, we design and advise coffee solutions for all types of business, whatever their size and budget.

We supply:
Coffee beans | Filter coffee | Tea | Spiced chai | Smoothies | Syrups | Hot chocolate

Bean to cup machines | Traditional espresso machines | Filter coffee machines | Instant hot drinks machines | Hot chocolate machines | On demand and dose grinders

China cups and mugs | Latte glasses | Disposable cups, spoons and wooden stirrers | Milk | Sugar | Biscuits

Tampers and tamping mats | Shakers | Knock boxes | Milk jugs | Scoops | Stencils | Thermometers | Scales | Shot pots | Timers

Servicing and rapid breakdown repair | Full training | Full support

During our years in the business, we have witnessed and embraced many changes and developments across the market, from machine technology to consumer’s tastes. However, we believe the traditional core valves remain the same: Quality, Service, Honesty and Reliability.

So if you are looking for free, impartial, unpretentious and unpressured advice on new starts, new solutions to existing situations, with a twist or whatever feel free to call us.